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Sky Valley Karate

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Visitors are always welcome to come by and watch us train. Beginners are always welcome, and your first three classes are offered free of charge. It doesn't require any special equipment to give karate a try and experience it for yourself.


karateOur students train for a variety of reasons. Some train for competition, some for fitness. All receive the benefits of increased confidence, a greater sense of self awareness and solid techniques for self-defense.

Adult and children's classes.

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About Seito Shito-Ryu

Shito-ryu Karate is one of the four major Japanese karate styles.

Sky Valley Karate teaches Seito Shito-ryu, the Shito-ryu style taught by founder Kenwa Mabuni and passed to his son Kenzo Mabuni. Kenzo Mabuni is the 2nd "Soke" or Grand Master of Seito Shito-ryu, followed now by his daughter 3rd Soke Tsukasa Mabuni.

As a member of Shito-ryu International Karate-do Kai, our school maintains a direct link to the roots of Shito-ryu and its founder.

The philosophical and practical aim of Traditional Karate is to bring the mind and body together as one. The benefits of this training are increased self-confidence, improved self-discipline, fitness, balance and coordination.

More than a study of self defense or sport, Karate carries with it the basis for improving all aspects of our lives. Karate-do--the empty hand way--is a pathway to self knowledge.

The Five Principles of Seito Shito-ryu Karate:

(Moral Virtue)

(Common Sense)


  1. Shoshin wasureru nakare
    Never forget the spirit of first beginning
  2. Reigi okotaru nakare
    Never neglect courtesy and etiquette
  3. Doryuku okotaru nakare  
    Never neglect effort
  4. Joshin kakeru nakare
    Never lose common sense
  5. Wa midasu nakare (Heiwa)
    Keep harmony and peace in your daily living

Information provided by Shihan G. McGuinness

Life today is not so different from the time in which Karate evolved as a method of self preservation. There are many challenges, and they are not always predictable. Meeting and surviving the confrontations of today's world requires focus and concentration--the ability not to be influenced to our disadvantage. To ward off the negative and strengthen the positive requires that we have a strong core, that we know who we are and are capable of moving with certainty. Every aspect of Karate training is designed to develop self-awareness. Mastery of karate basics creates will and endurance. The instructor measures the student's karate by the development of these qualities. The underlying imperative of traditional karate instruction is to create a mindset capable of withstanding attack and prevailing against seemingly insurmountable odds -- living each day to our full potential.

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