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In 1952, Kenwa Mabuni, founder of the Shito-ryu style of karate, died leaving no designated heir to the style of Shito-ryu. Kenzo Mabuni, second son of Kenwa, was asked by his mother, Kame Mabuni, to take over the style. Kenzo Mabuni was unsure and could not decide at the time what to do. So he went into seclusion in the city of Nagoya to train diligently and contemplate the great responsibility of carrying on the karate of his father. At the end of what became a two year retreat -- most of it spent living in a utility-less dwelling -- Kenzo Mabuni decided to accept this great responsibility and hence became the inheritor of his fathers lineage. Kenzo Mabuni lived in the original family home in Osaka, headquarters of the organization. He passed away in June of 2005, designating his daughter, Tsukasa Mabuni, as third soke of Seito Shito Ryu Kai


from Unante © Shihan John Sells

Kenzo Mabuni Soke in the 1990'sKenzo Mabuni

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